Baby Fat

Looks like I am going to breastfeed until Graeme is about 8. hehe. Just kidding.

But I say this as it is 11days since he was born and I have already lost 1o kilos. So if I carry on like this I could end up supper skinny and eating anything I want, when ever I want. Okok. My imagination is getting ahead of itself.

My weight gain during pregnancy was not too bad. First trimester I lost 2 kilos, second I put on about 9 and the same with the 3rd. This is according to our scale at home. I must say I took a very strong liking towards the doctor’s scale as it showed me being 6 kilos lighter, now which woman would complain about that.

Please hold thumbs that it carries on that this rate (about a month longer should do it).


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