Who am I?

As soon as you fall pregnant and make the announcement; you become your child.

There are very few people who know how to talk about more than your child to you. Look I understand that this little boy is basically part of me until I remove him from the boob at about 6 months, but I still am a person beyond him. I have found that people also become their babies. They can not talk about anything other than their baby or pregnancy.

I would not even complain if a fair amount of the conversation revolved around him then moved naturally on to other topics. It might be that people think that once you have a child you magically loose all other interests.

Ok before I sound like a whiny old cow, don’t get me wrong I love talking and bragging about my baby. But I don’t see anything wrong with still wanting to be me.

I was speaking to a friend of mine about this, she says that it is a dominantly South African trait. She has noticed her friends loose their identities to their babies, and I can say I have too.


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