Ah how cute.

Why do women have this uncontrollable urge to look at a baby? Or try to be inconspicuous about it while falling over while turning back to see the baby.

Every time that I have taken Graeme out I sure as Bob will get stopped. I like to carry him wrapped up in a blanket- but so that it goes over his head slightly and will get comments like “Is there really a baby in there?” , Um no, I am 23 years old and like to carry a baby doll with me. – Not that I am judging any one that does.

I went to Clearwater Mall with my mother and a friend and had Graeme in his baby wrap with a snow suit on that has ears, so only his head was sticking out with the hood up. People openly stared at me, mouths gaping and all. The cutest is over hearing little kids saying “Look mommy, she has a teddy bear.” I thought with him being closed up and so close to me I would not get stopped by women (it is only ever women!). If only I was that lucky, I had about 3 women stop me to ask if they could see my baby.

I am under the wrong impression as I thought blue is generally for boys and pink is for girls. I have Graeme in a blue blanket and grow, yet I still get the question is it a boy or girl.

Its funny how you can tell who is broody and who is not. Bearn had friends of his who recently got married come meet Graeme and she was all over him, asking if she could babysit,holding and cooing at him. Then in stark contrast another couple came to visit and barely said how cute or adorable he is (I am quoting others there, wont used my biased opinion). Then you get the people who aren’t ‘allowed’ any more children and they take in as much baby as they can.

On a side note my boy is now gaining the correct amount of weight and has hit 4kgs, so no bottle. 🙂

Teddy Graeme

Graeme in his white teddy suit.


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  1. Charlotte
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 14:36:28

    I am fully with you on this. I use to have both Amandalynn and Lorelai dresses in pink on a pink pillow, covered in a pink blanket, with pink toys, bag and everything else was pink and they still asked me if it was a girl or a boy. Even after I had there ears pierced.

    PS: By now you might have noticed but I am ready your blog from start to finish.


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