I would never

Before I fell pregnant I had these ideals, I would not do this like that mother or I would copy this mother. What I quickly learnt is that it does not work out that way.

I worked at a special needs school for 3 years so I was around children with downs, autism, cerebral palsy, etc. I was under the impression that if my child was diagnosed with anything in the womb I would keep it.

The OBGYN asked us at our 5 weeks scan if we wanted the big scan to check for downs. I said no, but Bearn said yes. We decided to go for the scan as it could check for other things as well. In the weeks leading up to the scan my mind got wondering. I had never thought about what life would really be like with a special needs child, how mine and Bearn’s relationship would take it, if we could financially handle it, if I could cope emotionally with it after my dad, and so on went my mind.

By the time we went for the scan I was in mixed minds about what I would do after being adamant I would never. But don’t get me wrong I still have a passion for special needs and may be knowing what I know put me in two minds. – Just a side bit of info I did a survey at the school for Uni and I found that out of the 18 parents with Downs kids only one knew before she was born. I was just very happy and relived that I did not have to make that decision.

My second ‘I would never’ was putting my child to sleep in my bed. I thought that it was wrong and how could parents sleep with the baby in the bed. I found out its pretty easy and I like it *blush.

He has his spot in my bed while I am up in Joeys. It will have to be reassessed once back in Cape Town, but for now I am loving it. – And they say no bad habits for 3 months, so I have a few more weeks to spoil. 🙂

And finger nails, how could you chew off your child’s nails. Turns out its a lot easier than big clippers and little fingers.


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