Doctors and no one’s sick

Yesterday we went for the routine ‘6 week’ check up – well he was closer to 8 weeks.

First we toddled off the paed. He did the normal checks and was happy with Graeme. He asked us if he is smiling, then asked Bearn if he agrees as some dads don’t always agree. As soon as he had G on the table and started stripping him he gave the doc a big smile just to prove that he can. – Thats my boy.

I am very impressed with this doc, really a nice guy. Chatted to him about why G didn’t gain the weight for the first bit – my milk was not enough for the first bit, but its doing its job now- and about introducing a bottle of formula a day – he was happy with this and recommended Isomil 1 as there are quite a few milk allergies in both sides of the family.

G now weighs in at 4.56kgs and measures 59cm. His weight is now down to average from being above and height is slightly above still. So I have a long, skinny, healthy baby, can’t complain about that.

We then went off to the audiologist to do a hearing test. Which came back perfect. All the Doc did was stick this probe in his ear which makes a ticking noise and records the bounce back off the ear drum.

There was an hour to kill so we went and had lunch at the hospital restaurant. Then it was my turn at the Gyne. He was happy with how my scar is looking and every thing is back to where it should be. 🙂

My phone was up for renewal, so while we were in town we figured may as well get the new phone too. All paper work was done and the phone was chosen, I then went to find my old phone to get my mother to send me her id. Only to find I didn’t have the phone. My luck of the day loose my phone on the day I get a new one. So now I have a brand new phone, no sim card and no phone numbers.


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