Noddy Badge

I think I deserve a noddy badge, ok may be a kick up the a** would be more apt.

I finally finished 2 of my assignments that were due… wait for it… on the 5th of May.

At the beginning of the year I had decided that I would do everything before Graeme arrived. Now normally I am pretty good with getting assignments done, but during the last bit of my pregnancy I acquired the attention span of  a goldfish. Before I knew it Graeme was here and I had not done much at all.

So finally 2 months late, but my assignments are done.

Its odd how I have only just got my motivation back now, yet I managed to write exams while I was 3 months pregnant and suffering from major fatigue. The fatigue was so bad I could not do anything, the moment I would get into bed I would fall asleep. I only studied for the exams for the month of november while I was writing them. I managed to get 3 distinctions. Ok who knows how I managed that.

So I have 10 exams at the end of the year. Thinking about the work load gives me that funny, rather uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. I think I need to find myself some chocolate to help eleviate the feeling.

On a side note my baby got his shots today. The cry after the jab was heart wrenching. And then he was smiles again a few minutes later. Then he was not so happy after a 4 hour nap. And now he is passed out, lets hope for a good night.

This was taken about 30mins after the shot. But needless to say this mood only lasted for about an hour.


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