I am going to sound old saying this but what is up with kids now days, or should I say parents. The past few weeks every time I have gone out there has been a child / children misbehaving.

We were at a restaurant for my birthday lunch.When a little boy at the table over asked his mother to draw a penguin on his colouring page.  She did this for him and he proceeded to shout ” You ruined my picture!” repeatedly and her response “Do you want to sit on my lap?” . I mean WTF.

In the Woolworths on the way home siblings were having a go at each other in the trolley at the till over who was going to give the items to the cashier. The mom chose to ignore them and let them sort themselves out. The poor cashier did not know what to do.

And the one that takes the cake for me is a toddler in the trolley, on a busy Saturday, in Pick n Pay. He thought that a good game would be to throw a bottle of purity out of the trolley. The dad only shouted at the kid because everyone was staring. Well that only made the kid start screaming and crying hysterically.

Please don’t stone me but I think some situations call for a right hand or a wooden spoon. I did not turn out that messed up – I hope. I think that they should be stored up other wise the child does not fear it if it happens for every little thing.

My mother used to use the wooden spoon – it even had a special Croatian name: a palitsas (sp). My brother had an excellent method of avoiding them by burring them.  She must have bought one every other week and the people who moved into our old house must think we were mad’ every time they did the garden digging up wooden spoons.


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  1. reluctantmom
    Jul 30, 2010 @ 20:38:24

    I could not agree more – I look at misbehaved kids, and my eye goes to the parents, and usually you can sum up the problem fairly quickly.

    I look at kids at my son’s school – he is 8 – and it is alarming how they behave.

    I can guarantee if you cannot control a unruly 18 month old, forget the 8 year old, and well start paying legal fees now, because your 18 year old is going to be a joy!!!


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