The Drawing

It is not very often that I get emotional over the loss of my father, I have come to terms with his death and I feel that he is happier now. But twice since I have had Graeme I have ended up in tears because of him (not in a bad way).

My father had dark brown eyes, similar to chocolate – I am sure he would love me even more for comparing his eyes to chocolate. I was talking to Graeme one afternoon and as I looked into his eyes I saw my father’s eyes, I could not help but cry happy tears. My baby has the same sparkle and twinkle my father did – the one of the little bits my dad gave my baby. In the last few years of my dad’s life he lost the ability to smile with his face but wow you could see the happiness in his eyes.

In our lounge I have my father’s drawing hanging. All of a sudden Graeme looked away from me over at the drawing. He was staring at it for a good few minutes before breaking out into the biggest smile he could. Every time I show him the drawing he starts smiling and gets my dad’s twinkle. I wonder what the eye’s of the innocent can see that we can’t.

What I would do to have my dad and Bearn’s mom here for one day to meet Graeme.

My father passed away on the 7th June last year, he had Parkinson’s disease and was 49 years old (Managed to successfully avoid 50.)


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