Five dolla

On Saturday Bearn and I were unsure of what to do, what we were sure of is that we wanted to do something different.

So we headed out not knowing where we would end up. I had one suggestion of the beach, Bearn was not as keen as I was. We drove down one of the main roads where we know that there are markets and wine farms.One of the great things about Cape Town is being able to jump in the car and go for a wonderfully scenic drive.

We ended up at a restaurant that one of Bearn’s friends got married at but unfortunately they were doing renovations, So off we go to find somewhere else. Bearn eventually phones a friend after stopping at a few more unsuccessful places and finds out about a place he had been to before.

We then found Jonkerhuis restaurant and winery. It was decided that we would just have starters and our standard Cremé Brulee. I must say it was a lovely meal and the cheese cake was to die for  – it had Bearn drooling, but the cremé brulee was a little disappointing.

Meal all finished and we were just waiting for the bill. Next thing two chinese tourists come up to our table, at this point I was holding Graeme. The one lady starts showing me 2 fingers then 3 fingers, so I assume she is referring to months and I show her 3 back. They then call over 2 other ladies and they are having a huge chat about Graeme and taking pics.

On Saturday my child officially became an attraction for Chinese tourists.

I just had to include this photo I took off my cell while Bearn was choosing what to have and Graeme is giving his input.


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