Wake up call

This year has not been a great one study wise. I have ended up canceling 3 models because of the pregnancy and having Graeme. So after doing that I thought that there would not be a problem.

Well I have occasionally submitted assignments late, yes I know I shouldn’t but I haven’t had a problem doing this before and they get accepted and marked. Not this time. My assignments were 1 week late and it bounced back saying that I don’t have exam admission. My heart literally stopped, so I quickly try to submit the other late one and the same thing.

Bearn to calm me and tell me there is nothing we can do if it is so and just to call the lecturer in the morning. So I did and it looks like they will allow me to submit directly to the lecturer and she will mark it by hand.

Please hold thumbs they let me do it. Stressing BIG time.


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