Poster baby

Well I must say I had a really good weekend.

On Saturday we went to a picnic at Kirstenbosch (3rd time in a month). Graeme really loves the outdoors. He was chilled and very happily played pass the baby. Smiling and charming his way around the bunch.

We then went through to one of the couple’s house in Fishoek for a braai. It was late when we went so I figured I would bath him there. They don’t have a bath but that was not a problem as they had a fairly big basin. So two of the ladies came to keep me company while I bathed (basined) him, I stripped him down while holding him.As I was finishing up running the water, he was facing towards one of the ladies and at that point he decided he needed to go. Well he managed to go right in her shoe.

The whole day people were making comments about how good he was, how chilled he was, and what an easy baby he is. I am not saying he is not all those things but yesterday I can easily see how he would make anyone broody.

The drive from Fishoek home is about 30 mins and it is through a mountain pass. I am very proud of myself as I drove us home. The full impact of the drive only hit me this morn as thinking about it, I could only see the road infront of the car that was illuminated by the head lights and a little to the right was a steep drop (luckily I could not see that). I am happy I made myself do it.

Today was relatively uneventful. Bearn nursed his head and I did a bit of chilling, a bit of studying and allot of Graeme (as it normally goes).

I am going to try update the blog on a more regular basis – but unfortunately my camera cord is in Joeys for now – Mom is going to send it down. Will try do a more biweekly posting.


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