My 10 Things

I was thinking about 10 things I could not live without:

1. The 2 men in my life. I count them as one as they are a package, I can’t have one with out the other.

2. Talking to my mother at least once a day. Be it by telephone, cellphone, sms, msn, or skype. But on most days it ends up being all of the above.

3 My apple. My window to the world.

4. My morning coffee. When I fell pregnant and realised I could no longer have coffee I was shattered, but then I discovered decaf. Nothing better than starting the day with a hot cup of coffee.

5. My cellphone. You never know what happens and from my past you never know who needs to get ahold of you.

6. My handbag and nappy nag. Every thing goes in the handbag and I just cant leave home with out it. The nappy nag part is my lastest fashion statement and being a practical mommy.

7. My bed. As they say there is nothing better than your own bed and I just have an awesome bed.

8. My pink camera. I could not go anywhere with out it before and now it is even more of a must more than ever. I have to capture all those special moments.

9. My hairbrush. There is just too much hair to be with out a brush and I love the feeling of a good brushing.

10. (A forum for mothers) and facebook. These two are my addictions. Replacing smoking, I reckon a tad healthier and I need to check just as often as I would have a smoke.

What 10 things can’t you live without?


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