Temper Tantrum

Last Saturday I set out on a mission. Use the Nartjie (A local clothing store) voucher and get Graeme a few new toys.

What a mission trying to get to use the vouchers. The women tells me to get a top as that would be a combo, then no sorry ma’am can’t use the voucher with the special. Fine put top back. Ok now she must reverse that. Then they don’t know how to use the voucher. And then sorry ma’am you can’t use a gift card with the voucher. I was at the till for a good 15 minutes. Great clothes, but don’t know if it was worth the trouble.

We then headed over to find the toys. I found a perfectly age appropriate toy, but that would still grow with him. I wanted to see what he thought of it, so let him have it. Needless to say he loved it, while we looked at the other toys I left that one with him. Once we got to the till I needed to pay for it, well he did not want to give me this toy. I managed to get it from him, and he started bawling. I gave it to the cashier and asked her to cut off the label, once she did I returned it to Graeme to restore the peace.

Just to illustrate how attached he was to his new toy.

My toy!!!


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