A star in the making

I have been playing with the idea of taking Graeme to an agency for a while now. But did not know of any one and was not really keen on doing it through some one I dont know. But then a mommy I chat to on the forum said she was taking her baby to castings I jumped at the opportunity. So she gave me the name and I phoned up to make an appointment.

So on Wednesday we met with the woman who runs the agency, Leslie. What a lovely, bubbly woman. Of course Graeme was his normal, model baby in public. She was saying how sweet and adorable he is – but I am sure she says that to all the mommies. After all the paper work was done and she finished cuddling Graeme we were done. About an hour later we received the first sms for a casting for Friday.

So Friday comes and I get Graeme done up all smart. And let babies, be babies. He pooped in his clothes, so into the backup clothes he went. Not as cute, but a least I had clothes for him. Bearn decided he would drop me off and fetch me when I was done as we were told castings could go on for ages. He dropped me and left. I went in filled out a form and waited about a minute before I was called into a room. A woman took a photo of him with the place card and his number, then a couple of smiley ones and we were done. So Bearn had just sat down when he had to come back. 😛

Yesterday I received another sms for a casting tomorrow, which I confirmed. And now about an hour ago I received another sms for another casting tomorrow.

My little star in the making. Not long before his name is up in lights. Hehe, ok I am letting my imagination run away.




Hold thumbs for him.


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  1. scaredmom
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 09:13:49

    you do have to know as soon as he is either published or on air… would love to see.

    Which agency are you using? i have been wanting to do this for a while, but never get around to it.


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