1 down, 7 to go.

My first exam is officially done.

This was the first exam I have ever written that my mother did not take me too. It was kind of a bitter sweet. All about growing up and doing things on my own, but at the same time I want my mommy to hold my hand. Although I did have Bearn and Graeme there. They dropped me off and then waited in the parking lot across the way – Bearn mentioned some interesting people in this area.

This exam time has been a rather different to say the least. It is not so much Graeme wont let me study, as I want to play with him and love on him. Its hard to just leave him to play by himself – although he does it beautifully and for long periods. At one point the other day Bearn removed my child from me and told me to study. 😛

Thought I would share a blog post I wrote last year while studying for exams while pregnant.

“I went up to Joburg to write exams for a month. I was a little worried about the effects of the stress on BB, but as far as I am aware short term stress should be ok.

Around the time I left for Joburg I felt his first little movements. I was great feeling that there is this real little life growing inside you. The movements felt like a muscle twitch but just a random one. I spoke to the doctor and she confirmed that it was him that I could feel.

I had a mini melt down while I was up there. I suffer from cluster headaches (which I have been told are as bad as a migraine). On this day I ended up with a cluster head ache and having to study for exams. I took the pain pills I was allowed (panado), which are like eating smarties to help with a headache. As the pain got worse I started to worry about It affecting BB more and more. And of course on this day I could not feel him move at all. I ended up in tears worrying about whether he was ok or not and whether I should go to a doc.

I did not end up going to the doc, as I did not know who to go to and did not know what I would do in the middle of my exams if something had happened. I choose to leave it be for then. And of course the very next day he gave me a big movement and a couple of flutters just to put me at ease. It was such great relief feeling that movement.

Also while I was writing exams I ended up having palpitations, phoned the doc for this. Apparently it is normal because of the increased levels of the hormone progesterone. They are just really annoying.

I am so happy that this year’s exams are over and now it is just a waiting game to see how many I passed and how many I will be rewriting.”

BB is the nickname we had for Graeme while I was pregnant.

Funny how you forget those little things. This is why I enjoy keeping a blog, to be reminded of little things that happen.


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