For about a week I have had an ache in my hip area. But you know how you push insignificant things to the back of your mind and life goes on.

On Saturday morning when I woke up I found some nasty looking big spots on my side and my hip area felt considerably worse (sort of like flue ache but just in my hip). And the worse bit is that I found spots on Graeme, but they looked very different.

So I got Bearn up and made him look at my mysterious spots. In jest he says its syphilis. Oh yes, and where exactly would I have gotten that from. So we jokingly play around about where it could have come from and whose fault it is. And then Bearn googled it, well there it was an image that looked just like my rash.

We first took Graeme for his weigh in and found out that the cause of his spots were mozzies. Yay, for the fact that it’s mozzie bites not so great that he is getting eating alive and that the mozzies may steal my child in the middle of the night.

Next stop was the doctor. He does the normal what are the symptoms, how you feeling, etc. Has one look ate my spots and says you have Shingles. As far as I understood you got Chicken Pox as a kid so you didn’t get Shingles. Apparently not, the Chicken Pox virus lies in wait like a vengeful  predator. As soon as you are stressed it could pop up. When I went to him he said I was at the beginning stages, wow tell me about it. The rash has now tripled in size and hurts like a <insert various swear words here>.

So now I run the course of this sick. Only if I was still in school I could have my mommy catering to my every whim, but alas the life of being a big people. You have to carry on.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Theresa Plummer
    Nov 01, 2010 @ 22:59:06

    I would love to have been at your beck and call!


  2. karen
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 00:42:44

    Feel better my friend!


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