One hot Christmas

Christmas eve Graeme felt a little hotter than normal, but I just put it down to the weather. But he had also been clingy, only wanting me. Bearn could not take him with out him moaning, which is very unlike him.

Christmas morning my boy was boiling hot and not a happy camper. I took his temp and it was sitting at 38.5 degrees. So I gave some Panado and that seemed to help a little. But by lunch time the temp was back, so we opted to take Graeme to the ER as all doctors were closed. He did not even want to open his pressies.

Once there we found out that it would be a 2 to 2.5 hour wait to see a doctor. At this point we decided that if he could sit in a waiting room for that long it really was not that serious. So he got another dose of panado and some time in the splash pool. That seemed to work till about 4:30 am the next morn.

I woke up with a little fire ball and a very upset little man in my arms. I phoned the ER and asked for advice, they told me to put him in the luke larm water and give more Panado, if the temp is not down after that to bring hom in. That seemed to help, and we all managed to get back to sleep.

I went to the pharmacy to get something a little more effective for him and thats helped big time.

Today I decided to take Graeme to the doc just to get a once over, so I can put my mind at ease. Apparently my boy is very healthy and there is nothing wrong with him. Really?????I so would not have said that a day ago. But its prob just those mean teeth.

Maybe we should try for a white Christmas next year.



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