A quick moan!!!

Bearn and I went to an organic market on the weekend. Very chilled little place in Constantia, Porter’s Market.

Before we left home I put sun-screen on Graeme and made sure I had his hat in the nappy bag.

So I pop G in his pram, hat on his head and we make our way slowly around the market. Next thing Bearn looks at G and his hat has fallen off. So I turn the pram to watch Bearn go back along the path to pick up the hat.

Next thing this woman comes up to me and says in a condescending tone, like I am doing serious damage to my child: “Your baby is in the sun!”

I am very disappointed she caught me off guard. So 2 seconds in the sun will do lasting and serious damage to my child.

I have no issue with some one correcting my parenting if I am doing real damage to my child, but two seconds in the sun. Lady find better things to concern yourself with!!!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alison
    Jan 18, 2011 @ 15:24:12

    That’s like the person who says “don’t you think your baby is getting cold”, or the one who very helpfully offers “maybe he’s hungry” when your four-week-old DAUGHTER starts screaming in the middle of the baby aisle in Spar. But then again there is the grandpa who comes up to you in the middle of Woolies and whispers “You have the most beautiful baby in the world. Both me and my wife think so”, and you know he’s probably as blind as a bat but you blush like a little schoolgirl and make a little joke, but inside your heart is overflowing with pride because that was one of the nicest things you’ve ever heard. Or the woman who sees you trying to balance a baby on your hip and push a trolley laden with a giant suitcase, togbag, hand luggage and baby car seat because you’ve left the damn pram in Stellenbosch and your husband has sped out of the airport to fetch it and has left you to check in, and she rushes up next to you and says “You take the baby. I’ll take the trolley”, and proceeds to push it all the way from the car hire place to your check-in counter, and you follow her clutching onto your precious little bundle with your love for mankind in general spilling into infinity because there are Good Samaritans out there – even if they come in the guise of a lady who once let her baby fry in the sun by mistake and now desperately hopes to stop it from happening to another little vulnerable skin. Having said that, I hope you turned around and gave her a piece of your mind – for the sanity of all mothers out there who have ever been caught off guard.


    • mommystoes
      Jan 18, 2011 @ 15:35:58

      Thank you I never thought about it like that, and I do appreciate it when people do it out of concern. And I do believe in learning from others mistakes.
      This woman’s tone told me that I was doing a horrible thing to my child, by having him in the sun and she said it and then quickly walked away.


  2. isufferfromfms
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 16:10:59

    Silly cow. People just don’t know how to mind their own business sometimes.


  3. scaredmom
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 14:05:17

    I would have told her that I was working on his tan but that is just me.


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