We are relocating to Johannesburg for 6 months. This is a temp move as we are going up to save for a deposit on a house and pay off all of our debts.

So in turn I have been packing up all the rooms, with the difficult task of figuring out what must go into storage and what must go up to Joburg.

At one stage I had all the cupboard doors open and stuff everywhere.  Picked up Graeme and turned around a little too quickly and banging his head right into the sharp edge of the open door.

He started crying right away and all I could see was this nasty lump starting to growing on the top of his head. And then Bearn pointed out the skin that was left on the door.

It took a while for him to stop crying, it felt like eternity – probably more like a minute. So just to add flavour to the mix I sat crying with him.

There was barely a mark on his head after a little while and some ointment (although it is starting to get worse looking as it scabs over), I must say that was one of the worst feelings ever.

Sorry my baby boy. I felt like such a bad mommy.

(I will add a pic later tonight or tomorrow)


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  1. scaredmom
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 08:21:41

    Your not a bad mom, yesterday I did the same with Lorelai. then I read your post last night and had a bit of a laugh.


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