Opening a pharmacy

So we have been up in Joburg for a month now. Things have been going really well up till last Wednesday and the sick fairy came to whack all of us with the huge sick log.

So we all went off to the doctor, we all have managed to get the exact same sickness. But of course being a man Bearn got it far worse. We all have sinus infections. Mine affected my tonsils, Bearn ended up with mild Bronchitis and Graeme was just in the beginning stages.

Three scripts later and we are off to the pharmacy. I left the pharmacy R1100 shyer (Very grateful at this point for medical aid!) and with a whole bag of pills and potions.

Any one looking for some sick people pills? I have a whole cupboard full now.

(Side note: Sorry for the bad up keep of the blog, but I have big plans to jazz it up.)


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