Bad Old Doctor

Graeme has a funny little lump on his leg that I only noticed just after he started crawling. Initially I figured he had bumped himself so gave time for it to go away. It didn’t, so after the move and everything had settled I finally made an appointment to see a Pead up here. Not my normal pead, as he is all the way down in CPT.

I was given a referral to, lets call him Dr D, Dr D’s partner. I made an appointment with the main Doc but I ended up going to with Dr D. I was already in the room when I realised so just left it.

One of the first odd things I noticed is that you have to pay R150 admin fee. I have never had to pay that, but have subsequently found out that it is normal up here now. And after charging people all that money they have a poster asking for donations of toys.

We finally get to go into the doctor’s  room and I tell him why I am there. For the funny bump and to check if Graeme’s weight is good. So he starts off doing a FULL history on Graeme and my pregnancy, then my family history.

Dr D then wants Graeme stripped down to his nappy on the bed and he starts his physical exam of him. Gets to his bits and does something odd, which I am not too happy about. Checks lungs and says he has a rumble, I tell him yes Graeme has always had it. Well he thinks it is astma.

He then sits down. So I point out that he has not even looked at Graeme’s leg, “Oh, yes”and he comes over to look. Turns out it is just a fatty deposit that I should just leave. It will stay the same size as he gets bigger. (Will double check at his year check up).

He then takes 15 minutes to plot Graeme’s growth on his chart. Yet he was holding Graeme’s normal chart in his hand.

He then asks if Graeme is on Floride, so I tell him it is in his toothpaste and in the water. Ah so says he wont prescribe floride. – I have been told numerous times not to give floride as it is is bad in large quantities.

He starts writing Graeme’s Script. Which I am a bit puzzled about as this visit was about a bump on his leg not for anything else. So because Graeme has astma he must take meds every night and he prescribed 2 vitamin supplements. Needless to say I have not filled this script, nor will I be until proper test have been done and only if that is deemed necessary by Graeme’s doc.

That was one appointment that couldn’t finish soon enough.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. scaredmom
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 12:40:15

    This doctor sounds lika a ass.


  2. Because the Voices Told me So
    Mar 23, 2011 @ 10:54:19

    hate it when doc’s just throw the prescription pad at you…


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