Separation Anxiety

Babies go through separation anxiety any where between 9 and about 18 months. I think I am going to go though it at the age of 24.

Graeme is going through a mild form of it at present. And I seem to be joining him. I am ok if leaving him, but not so much Bearn.

Bearn is going over to the States for two months. For various conferences and work.

I feel like holding onto his leg on Friday and sobbing like Graeme does to try make him stay. I wonder if it would work…

I am a little nervous about coping with everything on my own. I know I can manage, but it is always nice having some one else to give the child to when you need a break. And I will need to take Graeme everywhere with me.


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  1. Scared & Imperfect Mother
    May 31, 2011 @ 12:30:36

    Shame. I think it does not matter what age you are, we all still go through the same emotions every day. I would hold on just because I can until I cannot anymore (image of you being dragged on the floor in the airport with a baby on your back. lol) but then say good bye, cry and have a ball of a time for the time to follow. I’m sure there are loads of moomie moms that will be willing to help out when ever you need a hand/bed or shoulder.


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