What makes me a mother to a toddler

I was thinking about all the things that are making me a mother to a toddler now days.

  • Finding toys in my bed.
  • Picking jelly babies out of my hand bag.
  • When its more effort to change my top than just wipe the sticky thing off.
  • Being unfazed by finding poo under my nail. -still rather gross-
  • I spend more time thinking what my toddler will wear than what I will.
  • Picking some one else’s nose.
  • Looking for some thing to buy my boy, be it a toy or a treat every time I go in a store even though I know he doesn’t need.
  • Getting excited at every new word or new thing accomplished by the toddler.
  • Looking forward to every little smile just for me.
These are just what I can think of right now, I am sure there are plenty more. 

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