My father used to wear a ring on each of his ring fingers and when he passed away I got one of the rings. The ring means a lot to me and so does Bearn so I thought well why doesn’t Bearn wear the ring. It being a bit too masculine for me and all.

Bearn has now worn this ring for just over 2 years.

The other day he went shopping and was carrying heavy bags up to the car. As he put the bags in the boot he felt the ring slip off his finger along with the bag. He checked his finger and sure enough no ring but there its mark remained. He starts looking all over for the ring, no luck.

Phones me and lets me know what has happened. I act all cool, but dying to burst into tears as my Daddy’s ring is gone. So he promises he will give it another good look.

Looks inside each packet, unpacking them and going through them thoroughly. Then checks the boot well, looking in all little holes and gaps. No luck there. So he looks all around the car and under it. Still can’t see it. So he moves the car a bit so he can see even better. After at least an extra 30 mins of looking he gives up.

He gets in the car with a heavy heart knowing how sad I will be and grabs the steering wheel. Allowing the ring to ting on the metal as it normally does.

The ring was on his other hand the whole time, where it has always been. The bag had made the indent on his finger….


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  1. Scared & Imperfect Mother
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 14:07:18

    OMW I would not be able to contain my sadness. Funny how important and meaningful a small thing like a ring could be.
    Hannes got me a pair of earing for Christmas last year and about a month after we broke up I lost one. i was crying myself to sleep for about a week.
    The day we got back together I found the earing!


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