Grumpy stays here!

The other day I handed the child to his father and told him it was his turn to change whatever the smell was coming from.

I was then informed that I did not ask nicely, so I was being grumpy. He then said that Grumpy must stay in the room and he walked out with the child locking the door behind him.

I was then really grumpy until I saw that I could unlock the burglar  bars <They are like trelli-doors>. So being all clever I unlock it and climb very carefully out of the window! I am now in the back yard and only at this point occur to me what if the back door is locked. Luckily I found it unlocked.

I was so chuffed with myself that I ‘out-smarted him’ – take that for calling me Grumpy.

I walked up behind him with a big grin on my face and all he can say is “Did you even check if the door was really locked?”

There went the smug look…


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