Oink oink

I have been a veggie for 6 years now and only for the last 2 of those have I eaten fish.

I wanted to become a veggie for a while before I did, but my mother was not happy with cooking 2 meals, so I stuck it out. But then when I went to the states in 2005 meat did not sit well at all. And if I want to eat I had to take it out my diet. So I did gladly.

The only 2 meat items I have been craving since being a veggie are my mother oxtail and spare ribs. For the last 2 or so months I have been dying for ribs. humming and ahhing about whether or not to have.

Well on Thursday I caved. I told Bearn that we were going to get some either from a restaurant or we can get and make.

No good rib places here in town so we opted to go to Woolies and get some. Try cooking them in the oven, not cooking at all. Finally figure out how to work the oven and then get them to start cooking.

About 30 minutes later they still weren’t ready, the packet said 20 minutes. So they carry on cooking… Smelling good, but the guilt starts setting at this point. Don’t know if I can do it.

They are finally ready and I eat my salad around them. I finally try one, the sauce is good but the meat is very foreign. I managed about 6 little ribs.

After the meal my stomach is turning and making all sorts of noise, don’t know if I will eat them again any time soon, well really ever. I must admit it sounded like a little pig trying to break free.


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  1. theresa plummer
    Oct 17, 2011 @ 18:40:38

    Oink Oink!!!!!


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