We’ve been counted

As most South Africans know the national census is running at the moment.

I first heard that they would be doing the rounds on the radio. Stating that we should let the census official into our homes. I saw a slight, never mind a Large flaw in this plan. Any potential robber/assailant/serail killer could dress up as one of their officials and well done they are in your home. Well it did not take long for an opportunist to cotton on to this and there was an armed robbery after trusting people let the ‘official’ into their home.

I have no problem with completing the census as I understand that it is for the development of the country, but sorry I am not going to let any one into my home with or without ID. So when the lady rang my bell I told a white lie and said that my husband was out with the house keys and I had no way of opening the front gate, I could only let her in the big gate. Little lie in the sense that husband dear did have said keys but I could open the gate with a button on the wall. But she was happy with this and gave me the form and said she would fetch it tomorrow night.

I filled the form out. Somethings are puzzling and some are just sad.

I was a bit annoyed that they did not ask about uncompleted education, I have 4 modules left. Its almost done! I want some acknowledgement, dammit!

Physical health they ask if the members can do things like walk, talk, see, hear, etc. Um my child is 17months old. I have no idea how well he can talk yet nor how good his memory is. Sure they are pretty average for a toddler, but I am sure “Galoopa da” would not be effective communication as of yet. (He can say about 25/30 words so far.)

At the very end of the census they ask about deceased members of the household, sure thats not that abnormal. But the part where they say if there are more than 8 deaths in the last 12 months use a second form. What kind of tragedy must a household have gone through for more than 8 people to have died in less than a year?


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