Pill pushing doctors

I can not handle doctors who happily prescribe meds.

On Monday Graeme’s chest sounded very tight. It actually had alarm bells ringing in my head, because his stomach was pulling in when he breathed in. Our normal GP is in Fish Hoek and that is 45 minutes from where we are in Town now. So I asked around for a doctor in the city bowl area. I received a few recommendations, but none of them could had appointments available as it was 4pm already. So I went with who I could, a doctor whom I have never heard of.

He checked Graeme’s chest and all the other bits and sat down in front of his computer with out saying a word. I had to ask if there was a problem, to get his chest is slightly tight. He proceeded to type in the computer for 10 minutes. This was no fun as I had to keep a very busy toddler still. He then wants to neb him, which I did alone. He did not even check if I needed help, just left me alone.

When I am ready to leave he hands me a script for 3 different types of meds, one of the meds being for flu. Um Graeme doesn’t have flu and the other 2 were chest meds. I left and opted not to get any of these meds. After the treatment he was fine, no more issues.

Until the next morning he was really mizz, luckily the chest seemed fine. So we went to woolies to get a couple of things. Waiting in the que to leave and he pukes all the way down his arm, into my hand and the trolley. One hand with puke, child covered in puke and me trying to find a tissue. The gent behind me quickly ran to get me tissues. Thank you kind man and sorry Woolies for the pukey trolley.

So I make an appointment with the normal pead, I couldn’t do this the day before as it was too late. The child checks out 100s and no meds are prescribed. Well he did prescribe something if the puking continued.

Just goes to show that one should stick to the doctor they know. I really know how to choose bad doctors sometimes.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ayabulela
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 10:53:24

    Annoyes me to how they just prescribe antibiotics and other meds off the fly!! Sometimes its really not necessary. Glad the little man is ok though


  2. Because the Voices Told me So
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 11:09:08

    unfortunately, not all doctors are created equal


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