Potty training: dairy 1

So this weekend, call me brave or stupid, I started potty training.

On saturday I read up on a lot of different views of potty training  and when to start. I found that what I previously thought were signs of readiness may not be all that correct. What I read made perfect sense to me. The signs that the potty training expert said were:

  • When the child can express the need of hunger.
  • When the child can express the need of thirst.
  • When the child can throw a tantrum.
  • And when the child can sing a song or part of.
Graeme can do all of the above. She says that the first 3 are the child showing a desire or need. And the song shows that they have the capacity to learn the order of something and knowing what comes next.  
For the most part of the 3 hours Graeme went bare bummed on Saturday, everything ended up on the floor. But for me what shows me he is ready. He weed a little on the floor, so I said to him did you wee-wee and he ran up to the potty. He pooed on the floor and came up to me and showed me the sign for all gone and looked at his poo.
After he told me he had made the poo I cleaned it up. But for about 10 minutes after wards I kept smelling the poo. Then I noticed the little lump I left behind. Was not the best smell I must be honest, but it was easier cleaning that up than a dirty nappy.
At the very end of our 3 hours I popped him on the potty and he made a wee. I was extremely excited and even ran with the full potty to show Bearn. Oh the things we get excited about as a parent.
I plan on carrying on with the potty training on wednesday, I dont expect miracles. If he does well great, if not oh well and I will try again in a month.

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