Tell me about yourself award!

I was tagged in Colour Giggles “Tell me about yourself award”. Thank you 🙂

It is a fun way of sharing a bit more of one’s self. But I thought I would first share little bits of what I have learnt from other bloggers:

My name: Bronwyn Audrey

Where I grew up: I grew up in Johannesburg, the northern suburbs. Only left there when I was 23.

Where I’ve lived: Ranburg (JHB), Fish Hoek, City Bowl and Kenilworth (CPT), Richmond (VA, USA) and 2 months in Henley on Klip (Vaal Triangle). And possibly San Fran, depending on how things go.

Married: I am married in the eyes of the law. But the other half will still go down on one knee and ask me to marry him and we will still have a wedding, hence I do not wear a ring.

Bearn and I at Rhodes Memorial

What scares me: Lossing those I love most, Parktown Prawns ( I was going to put a picture here but that freaked me out to much so I will leave it out) and Dark water – as in the ocean when you can’t see whats below your feet and pools at night.Greatest moment: Cliché but the birth of my baby.

What I hate: Parktown prawns – I mean really what purpose do they serve?

Pet peeve: People who lack manners and body odor.

Things I love: My family, the smell of clean washing, stationary.

Graeme in the basin

Studied:  Still studying teaching, hopefully its over soon. Then I will move on to the next thing.

Craziest things I’ve done: Gone to America for 4 months, Got a tattoo on a whim and had a baby.

Musical Instruments: Used to play the recorder, recently started playing the guitar.

Favourite Colour: I would have to say baby blue if only allowed one, otherwise pastel colours.

Things I’d still like to do: Travel the world, have more kids, and own a house.

Jobs I’ve had: Camp counselor, Special needs classroom assistant, shop assistant, and baby sitter.

Fondest memories from growing up: Spur and Veldskoen drive in with the family, playing cars with my brother on the drive way, my dad drawing in the sand on the beach and my mom playing ‘jelly-lump’ with me in the pool.

Baby me

What I miss most from my pre-mom days: Being ‘care-free’, having a mommy do almost everything for me, Getting up when ever I wanted and going to the loo by myself.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Most of the time chocolate.

Hobbies: Reading, crafting, studying (crazy I know, but I do enjoy it) and cooking.


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