Emergency trip

On Saturday Bearn bought himself some beers and packed them into the fridge. A little while later I went in to get some thing out of the fridge and one came flying out at me.

Broken glass every where and the house now smelt like a brewery, Bearn grabbed the child and I started cleaning. We got all the big pieces up. There were hundreds of little shards. I figured that they would all stick to a towel, so clever me mopped up the last of the beer and glass with the towel.

We had people coming over for said beer so I put the towel in a neat little ball in the corner, where it was forgotten for then.

Sunday I started on the washing and sort it into neat piles and in the towel goes into the washing machine.

A little while later Graeme came to me holding up his foot, and instantly I knew. Grabbed him and took him to Bearn to pin down and I pulled a teeny tiny piece of glass from under his foot.

To distract Graeme I lay on my stomach on the bed biting and tickling him, but I was at a funny angle so I pulled my knee down to straighten my leg and as I did so I felt sudden sharp pain in my knee.

I quickly sat up and saw a gapping hole on my knee. Ok it was about 3 cm all round.  I shouted for Bearn to help me because I had been cut by a piece of glass. <I just want to say his initial though was that that I had cut myself on Graeme’s tiny piece of glass and was kicking up a fuss.>

He looked at my knee and we decided I would need a stitch as it was deep and on the knee, being a bendy bit of the body and all. I stuck a ball of cotton wool and a plaster on.

Off I went to the hospital – where I was visiting some one any way-. By the time I saw a sister to assess if it needed  said stitch/es. By the time she looked at it, it had sealed itself up ever so nicely, sigh. She said it was a surface wound and I had to explain that it was rather deep 20 minutes earlier.

The sister cleaned my tiny scratch up and told me she would not charge me with a slight hint of a giggle and a look of shame she just wanted attention.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. To Love Bella
    Dec 01, 2011 @ 06:46:46

    I’d’ve done the same.. except I may have ended up vomiting and fainting onto Travers…
    So glad that you didn’t need stitches – hope it’s not hurting??


  2. cat@juggling act
    Dec 01, 2011 @ 10:14:38

    Oh eina – that sounds sore. My MIL taught me that the best way to catch all those little pieces of glass is with a piece of bread – it literally “catches” those tiny bits and works like a charm – do try it next time.


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