Waiting waiting….

I have had requests for me to put my journey thus far into writing so here goes.

Last year June / July Bearn went over to San Fran for work and he approached the subject of us moving over there for a couple of years as his company wants him over there for various reasons.

I hummed and harred for a while, then said if not why not. I feel it could be a fantastic adventure and number 2 could be born there.

So we started the process of getting together all the documents together. During the getting together of documents we were living in a fully furnished place in Fish Hoek, then that lease expired so we moved into the company flat in Gardens (City Centre).

By December I had all the documents done. We were aware that the rental agreement on the place we were in was coming to a close at the end of Dec with the company, but we were under the impression that we could stay on in a personal capacity. Well thats what the land lady lead us to believe. She then dropped the bomb that we could not stay on, this was about half Dec gone. We tried to find another place within our price bracket but no such luck, if you have ever tried to look for fully furnished in Cape Town in Dec you will know what I mean.

So my mom got a call and up we came to Henley on Klip (Deep dark south of Joburg) on the 30th of Dec. Here we have been since.

All documents were submitted mid Jan, so we thought we would wait a month and know the results.

I was under the impression all was in until they sent back asking for the same documents in different words, so they were submitted and the company moaned at them for asking for more of the same. Wait a few more weeks and they then ask for updated payslips because they took so long.

Now we are in 2 weeks of the month waiting period to get an answer.


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