Current favourites

Over at Dear Max, Tanya posted a list of what her little boy Max is into at the moment and invited every one else to do the same. So I thought I would record what Graeme is into at the moment as I think he is getting to such an interesting stage.

Favourite expression/word

Graeme: Yellow, cow or okay.

Mom:  Shit

Favourite outfit

Graeme: Mickey mouse baseball style top and truck welly boots

Mom: My cargo pants and pink hoodie


Favourite hobby/activity

Graeme: Playing with large farm animals or the best naming colours.

Mom: Chatting on skype or losing myself in a book.

Favourite drink

Graeme: Milk or Juju (juice)

Mom: Coffee

Favourite food

Graeme: Eeties (sweets) or fruit

Mom: Pringles

Most overused word/expression

Graeme: Yellow

Mom: No, don’t touch that/ put that in your mouth!

Favourite apps

Graeme: Piano or flash cards

Mom: DrawSomething

Favourite TV programme

Graeme: Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Raa Raa (Cbeebees)

Mom: Grimm


Favourite book

Graeme: Any book with Animals in.

Mom: Whatever is currently going and catches my attention.

Worst activity/chore

Graeme: Having your bum changed

Mom: The fight involved in changing the bum and admin.

Latest discovery

Graeme: More colours and being able  to name them.

Mom: Graeme’s expanding personality on a daily basis.


I am loving this little person he is becoming, each day there is more and more Graeme to love and enjoy.


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  1. Anita Boxoza
    Apr 25, 2012 @ 09:48:54

    Love it!!


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