Popcorn any one?

Last week Sunday (10 days ago) my mother went out, we dont have a car up here so rely on hers. Graeme and I were watching a movie and munching on popcorn. He has a habit on eating the half popped kernels, so when he was playing with them I never took notice. Until he said to me “Pop, no (Nose)” while pointing up his nose.

I looked up the nose and saw what could have been a kernel, run through tell Bearn and phone my mother to get home. I look again with a torch and there is nothing. So I figured what I saw must have just been a snolley.

Call off my mom and tell Bearn I made a mistake. About 10 minutes later I ask him if there is anything up his nose, he sticks his finger up and gives me a big snot ball. Ok, I must have just been over reacting.

I forgot completely about the snot / popcorn ball.

Until yesterday, I was flipping Graeme up and down and just general throwing him around. I swing him back up and out pops a popcorn kernel. Thats right there was a popcorn kernel up my child’s nose for 10 days.

It was slightly swollen and snotty but still looks as good as when it was put up.

Note to Self: When he says there is popcorn / any other foreign object up the nose, there probably is!


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