There’s a rustle in the bushes

We have a large deck that goes some distance over the garden below, our house is built on a hill.

Bearn and I are out side the other night, it is pitch black and we hear a rustling and scratching coming from the garden below. If we try move towards the noise it goes quiet, so its obviously aware of us. We try look over but cant even see the ground it is so dark. Oh well hopefully it was a bird…

Two nights later Bearn hears the same thing but it was early in the evening so a fair bit more light. He sees the ‘critter’ and shouts for me to come look.

I got outside just in time to see a skunk go under the deck at its own leisurely pace.

So we have a skunk living in our backyard… Don’t know how much exploring i will have Graeme doing.

On a side note I have seen deer walking in the street. There is a large national park a road up.


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