A mind of his own

Along with the increased vocabulary seems to come a mind of one’s own.

Two incidents within one day proved to me that my little baby is not so much of a baby any more.

Case 1: I was lying on Bearn’s leg reading when Graeme walked into the room, gets on the bed and tells me that this is his Daddy. I explained to him that I understood this, but he is mine too and we can share. Well Graeme was not impressed with this comment and said to me, and I quote: “Mommy go away, go a couch.” When I got up playing all hurt, I asked him if I really must go I got a big smile and a “ja” back.

Case 2: Bearn made himself a peanut butter sarmie, Graeme sees said sarmie and asks for a piece. So Bearn breaks him off a piece and gives it to him, no Graeme wants both pieces and so Bearn hands over the other piece of bread. Bearn then asks Graeme if he may have some of the sarmie. Graeme thinks about this for a bit, and breaks off a tiny (about the size of the end of his finger) bit for Bearn. And tells Bearn to say Thank you.

The put on sad face.


Popcorn any one?

Last week Sunday (10 days ago) my mother went out, we dont have a car up here so rely on hers. Graeme and I were watching a movie and munching on popcorn. He has a habit on eating the half popped kernels, so when he was playing with them I never took notice. Until he said to me “Pop, no (Nose)” while pointing up his nose.

I looked up the nose and saw what could have been a kernel, run through tell Bearn and phone my mother to get home. I look again with a torch and there is nothing. So I figured what I saw must have just been a snolley.

Call off my mom and tell Bearn I made a mistake. About 10 minutes later I ask him if there is anything up his nose, he sticks his finger up and gives me a big snot ball. Ok, I must have just been over reacting.

I forgot completely about the snot / popcorn ball.

Until yesterday, I was flipping Graeme up and down and just general throwing him around. I swing him back up and out pops a popcorn kernel. Thats right there was a popcorn kernel up my child’s nose for 10 days.

It was slightly swollen and snotty but still looks as good as when it was put up.

Note to Self: When he says there is popcorn / any other foreign object up the nose, there probably is!


I was sitting on the kitchen floor with Graeme within my vicinity and i needed to poep, as one does every now and then.

I looked around, the coast was clear, every one was out of ear shot besides the toddler, but its not like he cares about such things.

So I let my little one out and Graeme turns to look at me with a sparkle in his eye.

Graeme: “Mommy pooo – p”

Me: “Yes, shhhhhh”

Graeme: “Mommy pooo – p” Getting louder.

Me: “Yes, Quite now.”

Graeme: “Mommy pooo – p!!!!” Much louder.

Me: “Yes Graeme I poeped.”

Graeme just nods, smiles and goes back to whatever he was busy with in the first place.

Now really was that necessary??

*Poep is South African Slang for fart*

8 Dogs as role models

We recently moved up to my mom’s place in Henley on Klip (Joburg deep dark south). She has 8 dogs and 1 cat. I will be honest and admit that 3 of the dogs are mine.

Graeme has picked up certain traits from the dogs. Some of them include:

  • Drinking water from the ‘pool’. Disclaimer: Its a large splash pool, so he has to stretch his face up to get in it as opposed to drinking face down from a normal pool.
  • He pants.
  • He tries to lick the dogs like they do each other.
  • And when they give him kisses on the lips he attempts to give them kisses back just like they gave him.
  • He tries to eat face down out of the dogs bowls or off his own plate.

In the surrounding area there are a couple cattle farmers and the herds men bring the cows right next to my mother’s property as there is vacant land either side of her. And with cows come ticks. So we find the occasional tick on the dogs. Graeme must have seen us pull one off at some stage. He now pulls little bits of hair off a dog’s back and proudly shows one of us and annonces “EW!”.

The dogs are named as follows:

  • Amy is called “A-A”
  • Ice is “I”
  • Nala is “Nala” or “Naya”
  • Zoe is “Zo-zo”
  • Schatzi is “Shushi”
  • Kiki is “Titi”
  • Sam is “Wa”
  • and poor Mishi does not get called anything. Although he is the oldest and most cantankerous.

Nala is by far his favourite, she is a pavement special, German Shepard X.

The last little dog bit is that my child has turned into a bit of a thug. 2 of the little lap dogs are easy to provoke and Graeme has learnt this very quickly, he pokes and squishes them until they growl at him and he thinks this is the funniest thing ever.

Hug for Zoe.


Nala going in for a kiss.

Giving Nala loves.

Graeme and "Wa" playing beautifully.

Graeme’s Christmas presents

So I was thinking what would be the best presents for Graeme this year. This is what I have come up with:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Empty yogurt containers
  • Empty 5l bottles
  • balloons
  • stones
  • A bucket of water

These would be the best presents for him and would really make his year. But I had to be a good parent so we bought him stuff too.

We bought him a car race track.

One of those magnetic drawing boards.

A beaded toy aeroplane.


A kiddies size broom.

We did not go over board this year with the possibility of the things just going into storage. And I will be rewrapping them for Christmas as I wanted Graeme to have time with the new toys. But I am sure he will love ripping the wrapping off.

Shaving cream fun

I felt I needed to give Graeme so more tactile and sensory experiences so I gave him a tray with shaving foam on. Here is how it went:

Starting off all neatly, getting used to the cream.

It starts going up the arm and on the table.

The enjoyment is clear!

Into the hair and all over the tummy. (The drool is from the last canine coming out.)

Good shot of the hairdo.

After the cream I popped Graeme in the shower and he stood for ages letting the water run down him. And then I got the curtain closed on me. Must have been disturbing the shower time.

Potty training: dairy 1

So this weekend, call me brave or stupid, I started potty training.

On saturday I read up on a lot of different views of potty training  and when to start. I found that what I previously thought were signs of readiness may not be all that correct. What I read made perfect sense to me. The signs that the potty training expert said were:

  • When the child can express the need of hunger.
  • When the child can express the need of thirst.
  • When the child can throw a tantrum.
  • And when the child can sing a song or part of.
Graeme can do all of the above. She says that the first 3 are the child showing a desire or need. And the song shows that they have the capacity to learn the order of something and knowing what comes next.  
For the most part of the 3 hours Graeme went bare bummed on Saturday, everything ended up on the floor. But for me what shows me he is ready. He weed a little on the floor, so I said to him did you wee-wee and he ran up to the potty. He pooed on the floor and came up to me and showed me the sign for all gone and looked at his poo.
After he told me he had made the poo I cleaned it up. But for about 10 minutes after wards I kept smelling the poo. Then I noticed the little lump I left behind. Was not the best smell I must be honest, but it was easier cleaning that up than a dirty nappy.
At the very end of our 3 hours I popped him on the potty and he made a wee. I was extremely excited and even ran with the full potty to show Bearn. Oh the things we get excited about as a parent.
I plan on carrying on with the potty training on wednesday, I dont expect miracles. If he does well great, if not oh well and I will try again in a month.

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