The big reveal

Last year I had the idea to do a secret santa with other mommy bloggers.

All the presents have been sent according to my knowledge. So here is the list of who was a secret santa to whom:

I had a lot of fun doing this! I learnt some new things about organisation like how not to send one person 2 recipients (luckily it was early on in the sending so I could fix it) and what to do for ‘next’ time round.

Although I am not sure I can do it next time as I may not be in the country (thats for a different post).

I hope every one had as much fun partaking in this as I did. 🙂 What did every one get?



Bloggers Secret Santa List.

Its come the time to annonce the list of bloggers for Secret Santa.

I made the list I checked it twice, will check it another 3 times no doubt.

Drum roll please…

And here are the blogs involved in the first Bloggers Secret Santa:

And of course myself.

There are still 2 hours to enter in…

Dying to draw the names and start sending out the emails….

Bloggers Secret Santa

I have always loved the idea of a secret Santa. So why not do it with fellow mommy bloggers here in South AFrica.

Now to get the presents rolling.

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  • Name must be entered by the 25th November.
  • I will email your person by Monday 28th November.
  • Its a secret, the person you are buying for may not be buying for you so be nice or you may get coal.
  • Gift must be under the value of R100 (pre postage).
  • If you are no longer able to participate let me know asap.
  • I will list all blogs involved on the 25th November, so you can see who could possibly be getting you the gift.
Email me mommystoes at gmail dot com if you want to join in.