Sick baba and sick mama.

Turns out Graeme and I have successful managed to fall ill at the same time. And as my friend says I never do things in half measures, I am currently writing exams too.

Graeme is now getting better and falling back into his old routine. He went down for his nap today, after an hour Bearn brought him though as he had woken up. I put him on my chest and started reading my history studies aloud to him. Within seconds he was asleep again. Every time he stirred I read. He then managed another 2 hours asleep. I could start reading deeper into this…

Footnote: I didn’t realise my hair was quite this long.


I Failed!

Since starting with Unisa in 2007 I have written 32 exams.

I have done 3 teaching pracs.

Some how managed to get 6 distinctions.

Successfully bunked 3 exams, well I valid reasons just may be not sick enough to miss the exams. The first was because I was 9 months pregnant, the second because I had shingles and the third I had a cluster headache.

And now I have failed my first exam ever! (Well some consolation to myself is that I didn’t fail so badly that I have to redo the entire module I only have to do the exam.)

So I have an extra 3 exams next May.

1 down, 7 to go.

My first exam is officially done.

This was the first exam I have ever written that my mother did not take me too. It was kind of a bitter sweet. All about growing up and doing things on my own, but at the same time I want my mommy to hold my hand. Although I did have Bearn and Graeme there. They dropped me off and then waited in the parking lot across the way – Bearn mentioned some interesting people in this area.

This exam time has been a rather different to say the least. It is not so much Graeme wont let me study, as I want to play with him and love on him. Its hard to just leave him to play by himself – although he does it beautifully and for long periods. At one point the other day Bearn removed my child from me and told me to study. 😛

Thought I would share a blog post I wrote last year while studying for exams while pregnant.

“I went up to Joburg to write exams for a month. I was a little worried about the effects of the stress on BB, but as far as I am aware short term stress should be ok.

Around the time I left for Joburg I felt his first little movements. I was great feeling that there is this real little life growing inside you. The movements felt like a muscle twitch but just a random one. I spoke to the doctor and she confirmed that it was him that I could feel.

I had a mini melt down while I was up there. I suffer from cluster headaches (which I have been told are as bad as a migraine). On this day I ended up with a cluster head ache and having to study for exams. I took the pain pills I was allowed (panado), which are like eating smarties to help with a headache. As the pain got worse I started to worry about It affecting BB more and more. And of course on this day I could not feel him move at all. I ended up in tears worrying about whether he was ok or not and whether I should go to a doc.

I did not end up going to the doc, as I did not know who to go to and did not know what I would do in the middle of my exams if something had happened. I choose to leave it be for then. And of course the very next day he gave me a big movement and a couple of flutters just to put me at ease. It was such great relief feeling that movement.

Also while I was writing exams I ended up having palpitations, phoned the doc for this. Apparently it is normal because of the increased levels of the hormone progesterone. They are just really annoying.

I am so happy that this year’s exams are over and now it is just a waiting game to see how many I passed and how many I will be rewriting.”

BB is the nickname we had for Graeme while I was pregnant.

Funny how you forget those little things. This is why I enjoy keeping a blog, to be reminded of little things that happen.

Wake up call

This year has not been a great one study wise. I have ended up canceling 3 models because of the pregnancy and having Graeme. So after doing that I thought that there would not be a problem.

Well I have occasionally submitted assignments late, yes I know I shouldn’t but I haven’t had a problem doing this before and they get accepted and marked. Not this time. My assignments were 1 week late and it bounced back saying that I don’t have exam admission. My heart literally stopped, so I quickly try to submit the other late one and the same thing.

Bearn to calm me and tell me there is nothing we can do if it is so and just to call the lecturer in the morning. So I did and it looks like they will allow me to submit directly to the lecturer and she will mark it by hand.

Please hold thumbs they let me do it. Stressing BIG time.

Noddy Badge

I think I deserve a noddy badge, ok may be a kick up the a** would be more apt.

I finally finished 2 of my assignments that were due… wait for it… on the 5th of May.

At the beginning of the year I had decided that I would do everything before Graeme arrived. Now normally I am pretty good with getting assignments done, but during the last bit of my pregnancy I acquired the attention span of  a goldfish. Before I knew it Graeme was here and I had not done much at all.

So finally 2 months late, but my assignments are done.

Its odd how I have only just got my motivation back now, yet I managed to write exams while I was 3 months pregnant and suffering from major fatigue. The fatigue was so bad I could not do anything, the moment I would get into bed I would fall asleep. I only studied for the exams for the month of november while I was writing them. I managed to get 3 distinctions. Ok who knows how I managed that.

So I have 10 exams at the end of the year. Thinking about the work load gives me that funny, rather uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. I think I need to find myself some chocolate to help eleviate the feeling.

On a side note my baby got his shots today. The cry after the jab was heart wrenching. And then he was smiles again a few minutes later. Then he was not so happy after a 4 hour nap. And now he is passed out, lets hope for a good night.

This was taken about 30mins after the shot. But needless to say this mood only lasted for about an hour.