There’s a rustle in the bushes

We have a large deck that goes some distance over the garden below, our house is built on a hill.

Bearn and I are out side the other night, it is pitch black and we hear a rustling and scratching coming from the garden below. If we try move towards the noise it goes quiet, so its obviously aware of us. We try look over but cant even see the ground it is so dark. Oh well hopefully it was a bird…

Two nights later Bearn hears the same thing but it was early in the evening so a fair bit more light. He sees the ‘critter’ and shouts for me to come look.

I got outside just in time to see a skunk go under the deck at its own leisurely pace.

So we have a skunk living in our backyard… Don’t know how much exploring i will have Graeme doing.

On a side note I have seen deer walking in the street. There is a large national park a road up.


Cordornices Park


Smiles in the sand pit.

Graeme and I went to the park down the road from us today and yesterday – hence the 2 outfits. He loves going.


Getting to the top of the slide


“Hold Tight”


1 2 3…


Almost Ready


Brown eyed boy


Swishing the hair


Little children’s play area


Big Children’s play area and basketball court.


Graeme walking up to the river


Taking a closer look.


Nope this is not for me would rather be right by my mommy.


Walking towards the light in the tunnel.


Berkeley Rose garden


Down da steps


Rose garden


Water drops on a cobweb.


Awesome tree


The tunnel and path up to the road


View over park from the bus stop


Good snack spot


Waiting for our bus home.

Our New Home

After staying in the temp home over here for 2 weeks we found ourselves a place in Berkeley Hills. All I can say is that it has amazing views. I just want to put a couple of pics up to show and I will go into more details about the place in another post. 


ImageFront of the house, view from the road. ImageFire place in the lounge. 

ImageDinning room, view out onto the bay. ImageKitchen. A bit dated, but will serve us fine.ImageView from the deck. ImageView of the bay from the deck.


These photos are the ones off the website, the furnishings are the same as it is a fully furnished place. I will take better photos once the place is spotless – Thats a different blog post all together.

Current favourites

Over at Dear Max, Tanya posted a list of what her little boy Max is into at the moment and invited every one else to do the same. So I thought I would record what Graeme is into at the moment as I think he is getting to such an interesting stage.

Favourite expression/word

Graeme: Yellow, cow or okay.

Mom:  Shit

Favourite outfit

Graeme: Mickey mouse baseball style top and truck welly boots

Mom: My cargo pants and pink hoodie


Favourite hobby/activity

Graeme: Playing with large farm animals or the best naming colours.

Mom: Chatting on skype or losing myself in a book.

Favourite drink

Graeme: Milk or Juju (juice)

Mom: Coffee

Favourite food

Graeme: Eeties (sweets) or fruit

Mom: Pringles

Most overused word/expression

Graeme: Yellow

Mom: No, don’t touch that/ put that in your mouth!

Favourite apps

Graeme: Piano or flash cards

Mom: DrawSomething

Favourite TV programme

Graeme: Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Raa Raa (Cbeebees)

Mom: Grimm


Favourite book

Graeme: Any book with Animals in.

Mom: Whatever is currently going and catches my attention.

Worst activity/chore

Graeme: Having your bum changed

Mom: The fight involved in changing the bum and admin.

Latest discovery

Graeme: More colours and being able  to name them.

Mom: Graeme’s expanding personality on a daily basis.


I am loving this little person he is becoming, each day there is more and more Graeme to love and enjoy.

Waiting waiting….

I have had requests for me to put my journey thus far into writing so here goes.

Last year June / July Bearn went over to San Fran for work and he approached the subject of us moving over there for a couple of years as his company wants him over there for various reasons.

I hummed and harred for a while, then said if not why not. I feel it could be a fantastic adventure and number 2 could be born there.

So we started the process of getting together all the documents together. During the getting together of documents we were living in a fully furnished place in Fish Hoek, then that lease expired so we moved into the company flat in Gardens (City Centre).

By December I had all the documents done. We were aware that the rental agreement on the place we were in was coming to a close at the end of Dec with the company, but we were under the impression that we could stay on in a personal capacity. Well thats what the land lady lead us to believe. She then dropped the bomb that we could not stay on, this was about half Dec gone. We tried to find another place within our price bracket but no such luck, if you have ever tried to look for fully furnished in Cape Town in Dec you will know what I mean.

So my mom got a call and up we came to Henley on Klip (Deep dark south of Joburg) on the 30th of Dec. Here we have been since.

All documents were submitted mid Jan, so we thought we would wait a month and know the results.

I was under the impression all was in until they sent back asking for the same documents in different words, so they were submitted and the company moaned at them for asking for more of the same. Wait a few more weeks and they then ask for updated payslips because they took so long.

Now we are in 2 weeks of the month waiting period to get an answer.

11 eleven

Lisa-Marie tagged me in a fun post all about me, well her’s was about herself. I felt I havent blogged in a while so I had better do this one. (I will be doing catch up posts and explain where I have been.)

The idea:
– Post 11 things about yourself
– Answer the questions given
– Set 11 new questions
– Tag 11 people

Random Facts

1. I have 4 tattoos, got my first at 17 and the last at about 23. I do want one more in honour of my dad, but the only problem with that is that I will have an uneven number.

2. I am scared of finally finishing my studies and heading into the ‘real’ world.

3. I pierced my own ear, the top hole. I then did my friend’s after she saw mine. Dont worry I used vodka and flame to sterilise the needle.

4. I am dying to fall pregnant with number 2 now!

5. The longer it gets the more I miss being involved in the special needs field, normal kids just aren’t the same.

6. I have a phobia of Park-town prawns. I was going to link this to a picture of one but I get the hibby-gibbies just thinking about looking at a picture of one.

7. I love the fact that my son is a mini version of my dad. My favourite is the same sparkle he has in his eyes when he smiles or is happy.

8. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to my mother.

9. I am addicted to facebook, twitter, blogs and sites like FML and lamebook. I used to be addicted to a forum, but now I just hover and don’t post.

10. I am over waiting to hear from the US consulate on whether or not we will get our visas. Seriously do we even look remotely like terrorists?

11. I find doing things like this extremely challenging, battle to talk about random things about myself.

Questions answered

1. If you were to have unlimited funds for a themed birthday party, what would the theme be and why? For myself I would have a kids party for my 30th with all the bells and whistles that go with it, and of course adding in some adult level fun. For Graeme I am not sure what I would do, right now I would have to say a Shaun the Sheep party.
2. What is your fantasy job and why? An educational psychologist doing play therapy and to open up my respite for special needs kids in Cape Town.
3. What is your ultimate favourite “me” thing to do? I would have to say getting lost in a good book or exploring some where new.
4. What is your favourite item of clothing? I must be honest I don’t really have one.
5. If you were offered an extreme makeover, would you do it – if not, why? If so, what would you change about your appearance? I would go for it, why not I am sure it would be lots of fun. Extreme as in surgery change would have to be my boobs, they used to be my best bit. But I know what they are like after breast feeding one child for 14 month, so I dont want to know what they are like after 4.
6. Summer or Winter? Why? Winter by a long shot. You can always get warm in winter, summer you cant get cool. I also love snuggling in winter.
7. Have you ever met someone famous? Who and when? Can’t say I have. That type of thing doesn’t really appeal to me. But there are a few famous people I would love to meet.
8. What is your most cherished item? Can I say my son. He is defiantly something I could not live without. A material item… I would have to say the stuff I have of my dads.
9. What is your greatest fear? I always said lossing those close to me, then it came true. But I think that it still applies.
10. What motivates or inspires you? Graeme motivates me and gives me a reason to be happy every day, and I want to make Bearn and my mother proud.
11. How many pairs of shoes do you own!? I am sorry but I only have about 3 out of storage, in I have no idea. Not that many though.

My Questions posed

  1. What can you not leave the house without?
  2. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
  3. What is your proudest moment in life?
  4. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done or your most embarrassing moment?
  5. Sea or mountains?
  6. If you could choose would you be a stay at home mom or would you work?
  7. If you could choose any location for your dream date where would it be and why?
  8. What is currently in your handbag?
  9. How did you meet your partner?
  10. If you could choose any one, whose shoes would you put under you bed for a night?
  11. What is your naughty, only yours, indulgence?

My nominees

  1. Stacey
  2. Jude
  3. Kristin
  4. Ellen
  5. Nicki
  6. Melinda
  7. Anita
  8. Tanya
  9. Lauren
  10. Michelle


I miss my Daddy

I am not writting this as a pity party post. I have been missing my dad for the past week or so, more than normal and thought I would share a bit about him. I have not previously shared information on him as I feel that people judge me according to that. But I am finding now that he is dead it does not happen as often.

My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease when he was 27, but they think he had it for about a year before that (that making me a year old). I knew no other, but I did not see him as any different to any one else’s dad. He used to take his pink and yellow pills to control the shaking. Over the years the disease took its natural progression, but no doctor could tell what exactly would happen as they had not dealt with some one as young as my dad, Parkinson’s being an old person’s disease and all.

In 2009 he passed away after getting incredibly weak, my mom took him to the hospital where the doctor said he probably would not make it the night. He did. The next day I even gave him chocolate, which the nurses weren’t to happy about, but he was ever so chuffed. He passed away that night at about 12:10am. On our way to the hospital the song “In the arms of an angel” came on the radio.

I wish Graeme could have met him with his sick sense of humour. Although I get the feeling he may have nick named Graeme ‘Return’ as he did all the pets I brought home. Well those he really did want returned.

I have my Mom’s old phone as a spare and since my phone is on the blink I am using it. I found photo’s of my dad on there that my mom had taken, when I showed Graeme these photos his whole face lit up with a smile. Makes my heart do little butterflies.

This is my favourite photo!

If I have the guts to do more posts on him I will, Just not in one go.

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