Gym done

I went to Gym today after my 2 weeks of not being allowed to do any form of exercise. Felt good, but that may change by morning.

While I was gymming I was thinking about all of the reasons I was there and what I was doing it for. So why not write them down and share…

My reasons:

1. I want to look good. I am over being the fat one!

2. I want to have a successful VBAC next time round.

3. I want to be able to walk into a store and buy anything and know it will look good.

4. I want to be a good role model for Graeme (and any future children), I dont want to be the fat parent that can’t take part because they are out of breathe in 2 minutes!

5. I want to find my self confidence.

My new motto: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!


Whale in…

Well I have had enough! I saw photos of myself at Graeme’s party.

So I went on a mission to do something about it. Phoned a couple of places.

First place was a normal gym. But they unfortunately do not have a place for Graeme to go so would have to leave him in his pram for up to an hour.  The guy who I spoke to on the phone was very keen on me joining. So he said he would chat to his boss and let me know re the baby at the gym situation. He then called back and said he must stay in his pram. I understand this, so said I would chat to hubby and let him know.

Two hours later, I got a call <noting that the return call was at about 3 pm, now my hubby could be at work therefore I would be unable to talk to him yet>. “Hi this is Martin from the Gym. Did you talk to your hubby?” Come on oke I understand desperate, but at least give me the chance to talk to the hubby and get back to you.

My second option is an all woman’s gym, Curves. They are also unable to accomodate Graeme running around, but their programme is only a 30 min one daily. So I have opted to go with this option as I can make sure I go during Graeme’s nap or if he is awake it will only be for 30 mins.

I am not so nervous about getting into the programme, as going for the whale in tomorrow and a fitness test. Just a tad worried I will get two steps and crumple into a little sobbing ball. Ok I hope I am not that bad.

So tomorrow morning whale in, a few months time dolphin out?

Baby Fat

Looks like I am going to breastfeed until Graeme is about 8. hehe. Just kidding.

But I say this as it is 11days since he was born and I have already lost 1o kilos. So if I carry on like this I could end up supper skinny and eating anything I want, when ever I want. Okok. My imagination is getting ahead of itself.

My weight gain during pregnancy was not too bad. First trimester I lost 2 kilos, second I put on about 9 and the same with the 3rd. This is according to our scale at home. I must say I took a very strong liking towards the doctor’s scale as it showed me being 6 kilos lighter, now which woman would complain about that.

Please hold thumbs that it carries on that this rate (about a month longer should do it).