The Public Library

I went to the library the other day just as a pass through and found what was needed to get a library card. I was informed a picture id with my address on it or something addressed to me at my current address.

So on Wednesday off I go armed with my passport and the ticket with my address on from social security. She starts the process off me filling in forms while Bearn and Graeme choose some books.

Out of curiousity I ask how many books we are allowed to take out. Standard in South Africa is 4 or 6, so logically I was expecting a similar response. I think my mouth fell open a bit and I may have drooled when she said to me Graeme and I are allowed 50 items between the 2 of us. Yes that was 50. Of which 8 of those can be dvds. I must add I did not pay a cent, and if I loose my card it will cost a whole $2 to replace.

She then said she needs 10 minutes to complete and load all of my info. I decided I would check out the dvd section. I should add that the dvd section was bigger than some video stores back home and that was just the kids section. I could not decide what to get him so went with one I know he enjoys, Charlie and Lola.

When it came to checking out books I expected to go to the counter where she would scan and stamp all of the books. Nope. There is a computer on the side that you do a self check out at. You place the book on a metal tray, it reads the ‘chip’ inside and your book is checked out, you even get a receipt with the return dates on.

I have yet to explore the adult section of the library, after all it is only 5 floors. I am hoping on taking Graeme and him passing out then I can get myself some books too. I think I was in a mini book heaven, not that you can call it mini by any means.