Slow gainer

When Graeme was born he weighed 3,69kgs.

So the standard 10% drop occurred taking him down to 3,4kgs. When I spoke to the Sister, that I would be using, to make an appointment she told me she would be away for a week and it would be fine to bring him in the following week. But during that week the paed said I must take him into a clinic for weigh so I could get a sister to check his jaundice.

I figured that its jut a weigh so no need to go to a fancy clinic, so off the Discem we went. The nurse there told me too take off his snow suit and then put him on the scale – I thought it a bit odd to weigh him with nappy and clothes, but what do I know after all I had only been in this role for a week.  And he was back to birth weight, great.

The following week we troddle off to the proper clinic. The sister then tells me to remove ALL his clothes – hmmm. And he is down to 3,44kgs. The sister gives me this look, and we explain that the nurse weighed him with everything on. She was happy that he hadn’t suddenly dropped the weight but not so happy he hadn’t put much on. So we were instructed to return in 2 days and hope for an increase. And two days later we were up by 160grams, Yay. – I think that was because he heard the sister and pulled an all night feeding frenzy on us.

One week later he had only gained 100 grams. So now the thoughts pop up – am I feeding him enough? do I have enough milk? will I have to top up with formula? (this is one thing I really do not want to do if possible).

So armed with instruction to continue to do weekly weigh ins, off  I went to Joburg.

I found out there is a clinic in Clicks, this is after not having much luck with any other places. And the sister insists on weighing him with his clothes on. So he put on 360 grams, but I have no idea how much of that was nappy and clothing. The sister then asks me why he is has not gained weight. And give me an accusing look – Yes lady I am starving my child then bringing him to be weighed so I can see if I a doing a good job of it. According to her he weighed 4,06kgs.

I was not happy with this result so the next day I found out about another pharmacy clinic which I thought would be better.

This one I took off all of his clothes. But he was not happy and she had an older scale – like a bathroom scale that spins and stops- so this scale just bounced around. She came up with the super intelligent idea of putting his clothes on the scale, then putting them on him and weighing him. Well my baby then weighed around 3,9kgs. This one also asked questions about his weight gain. One would almost start to think I didn’t feel so much like a cow.

Should be fun trying to find a clinic next week to find out roughly / could be / round about how much he weighs.I now know why we pay a fair amount every time we go to the clinic in Cape Town. The sister there knows what she is doing!