We had our very first proper laugh, my baby even gave himself hiccups. Of course I caught it on camera.



Why does there have to be this thing about milestones…. I was in the frame of mind milestones would not affect me, I would let Graeme develop at his own pace.

May be what makes the whole thing worse is that I have studied child development so I know roughly when things should happen. Yet I still find myself date watching waiting for the next thing to happen spot on que.

The one thing I am waiting on tender hooks to happen there is no age that it happens. I have asked other mothers when their babies started and I have gotten anything between 10 weeks and 16 weeks. I want my first laugh. We get little almost laugh sounds but not a real laugh yet.

Side note Graeme hit the 3 month mark and he is out of all of his 0-3 month clothes.