Roast veggies for lunch


Wordless wednesday.


Toast please.

Ok so Graeme was in the Bumbo and I was trying to get my supper done. And of course being his normal self he was going for everything that he could get ahold of, including the bread packet, which lead to visions popping into my head of him breathing in the plastic and me not seeing soon enough. So I grabbed the closest ‘safe’ thing and that happened to be the crust from the loaf of bread.

He thoroughly enjoyed it. He started on it and a few mins in starts coughing and spluttering. Coughs up a piece of bread. This does not slow him down and he goes at it again. Same thing happens, but this time his eye brows go red and its a little more effort to get the piece up. And he went right back at it.

I eventually took the mangled bits of bread away and finish off making my supper. And who knows how he then grabbed my toast. At least he enjoyed it. 

So this happens to be our first bit of BLW (Baby led weaning).