For a while now the idea of donating breast milk has appealed to me, but Bearn has not been so keen on the whole idea.

The other day was the straw on the camel’s back as they say and a friend on Facebook posted that they needed breast milk for 5 prem babies. I asked her where the babies were, but they were in Durban so that was not really an option. But the friend then said why don’t I contact some one in my area. So I have, Milk Matters.

The first thing Bearn says is will I have enough milk for Graeme, I wont be able to feed him. Of course I would have milk for Graeme, and I explain the more I pump the more milk I have – but he knows all this before I tell him.

Then he says it will cost as money because we have to use our expensive bags – no we use their bottles which are dropped off (so no petrol too.

I need a HIV and Hep C/ B ( can’t remember which) “Ah ha, we have to pay for the blood work.” Bearn stated triumphantly. That went out the window too as they will pay as long as you have their form with you.

So I have now started collecting milk for them, it feels good to be able to help others in some way. Especially since I cant donate blood because I am breast feeding. A good middle ground. (Still don’t know why Bearn is not do keen on the whole idea.)



Well I officially feel like a cow.I never before would have thought I would compare myself to a cow, a friend of mine yes but not me.

I have been demand feeding, but hell this boy demands a lot. The whole breast feeding experience has been great thus far. It has been a really good way to bond with Graeme, but don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the heavens opening, lights pouring down feeling for the first week and a half. It was f-ing painful, to the point of tears. It still is a bit tender.

On Tuesday I thought I would have to throw in the towel as he was still at his discharge weight. When he was born he weighed 3.69kgs, then he lost the standard 10% and went down to 3.4kgs. At the clinic on Monday he weighed 3.44kgs, so it is not quite enough weight gain. The Sister wanted to see us again on Thursday (being today). Random thoughts started running through my head that I can not breast feed, may be I am not feeding him properly and breast pumps are painful. So we took him in again, stripped him down and he weighed in at 3.6kgs (luckily he did no spring a leak this time). Yay, so I am turning out to be a half decent cow.

The bonding while feeding has really kicked in now, the one down side to breast feeding is that Bearn can not be involved.

One little thing to make a note of now is that his eye lashes have started to tickle my arm during a feed if he is awake. 🙂

Baby Fat

Looks like I am going to breastfeed until Graeme is about 8. hehe. Just kidding.

But I say this as it is 11days since he was born and I have already lost 1o kilos. So if I carry on like this I could end up supper skinny and eating anything I want, when ever I want. Okok. My imagination is getting ahead of itself.

My weight gain during pregnancy was not too bad. First trimester I lost 2 kilos, second I put on about 9 and the same with the 3rd. This is according to our scale at home. I must say I took a very strong liking towards the doctor’s scale as it showed me being 6 kilos lighter, now which woman would complain about that.

Please hold thumbs that it carries on that this rate (about a month longer should do it).