Graeme’s Christmas presents

So I was thinking what would be the best presents for Graeme this year. This is what I have come up with:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Empty yogurt containers
  • Empty 5l bottles
  • balloons
  • stones
  • A bucket of water

These would be the best presents for him and would really make his year. But I had to be a good parent so we bought him stuff too.

We bought him a car race track.

One of those magnetic drawing boards.

A beaded toy aeroplane.


A kiddies size broom.

We did not go over board this year with the possibility of the things just going into storage. And I will be rewrapping them for Christmas as I wanted Graeme to have time with the new toys. But I am sure he will love ripping the wrapping off.


How to keep a toddler busy


A bucket with water and a couple of balls kept graeme very busy for at least 30mins.