Tuesday after the going to the OBGYN and getting the news we went up to the 8th floor to do the pre-admissions. Nothing exciting, all pretty routine. I was told the standard no eating or drinking after 12 and to check in the next morning by 6:30am.

So up at 5:30 to do my scrub down with stuff that smelt like cutex-remover. Get the snuggly boy out of bed and dressed and off we head to the hospital.

Once there I spent about 30 minutes trying to finish the check in process before I am told to go up to floor 11. The Sister took me through to my ward but unfortunately Graeme could come in so Bearn took him home for the morning.

I waited for a Sister to come do the final prep. At about 8:30 I was wheeled down to surgery, where I got asked for the 5th time if I had crowns or dentures… Do I look like I may?

Once in theater they started looking for a vein as they normally do, I should really put up a prize for those who can find it first time. The Anesthetist finally got it in and told me I would start feeling woozy pretty soon, I thought “Nah, this is having no effect on me.” Until the room started bouncing and jiggling and I was gone.

I woke up in recovery with the worst period type pains. Then had to lie there for a while to wake up all the way before going back to the ward.

The woman opposite me was already out of theater and back in the ward. All friendly she asks if I also had the Marena inserted. No way of saying what I had done lightly, so I told her I had a D&C done because there was no heartbeat at 9 weeks.  Very observantly she points out I look a little sad. At this point I tried to snuggle as low into the sheets as possible at this point to try avoid any further conversation.

I asked the Sister if I could please get dressed, as I felt rather uncomfortable. She says I may, but not allowed to leave yet. The lady opposite me receives a phone call. From what I could gather it is her ex of sorts and he was trying to out himself and she is trying to calm him down. She also lets out that she had funny tissue removed at the same time. She eventually hangs up and tells the Sisters that she must go now. Finally crazy lady leaves, leaving behind not so happy Sisters as she should have stayed longer.

I asked the Sister if I could go get a magazine while I wait for Bearn and to be discharged. She allows me to and gives me my script to fill at the same time. The start of the walk was okish, by the time I was standing at the pharmacy I wanted to die. The pharmacist can see this and tells me to sit while she gets the meds. Meds done and bought my magazine, so I waddle back up to the ward to wait.

Bearn gets there basically the same time as I do. Get my stuff and check out.

Once home I had the most awesome sarmie that Bearn bought from the deli up the road and snuggled down for a well deserved 3 hour nap.