Flying jitters

I was scheduled to fly from Joeys to Cape Town on Friday. Let me tell you this was some thing I was not looking forward to. 1. Flying with a newborn never sounds like fun (I am referring to the screaming baby on a flight). 2. I would be leaving hubby for 3 weeks.

So to prepare myself I looked at my available options and seeked advice. First thought that popped into my head were the likes of sleeping pills and booze, for myself or Graeme who ever needed it more at a given point. It was a fleeting thought albeit a excellent one. I then asked the ladies on the forum what they thought. I was told to put cotton wool in his ears, feed during take off and landing and use a dummy (but keeping it on a chain to prevent it form landing up 10 rows back).

On Friday I had my strategy all worked out. I strapped G to my chest for my mobility. Once on the plane I removed the still sleeping baby. They announced that we were going to be taking off shortly. I suck a piece of cotton wool in each ear. Gently I woke G and popped him on the boob. He happily sucked away not noticing a thing. Once in the air he decided it would be a good time to evacuate his bowels, so off to the mini loo I went to change him. Let me say not a peep came out of him the entire change, considering he normally screams blue murder when exposed. I then returned to my seat and waited for the crying to begin. Nope not my kid he continues to sleep, not that I am complaining.

Around this point – about an hour in- I noticed both pieces of cotton wool where gone. Oh well. And he would not take the dummy no matter how hard I tried.

The announcement that descent was about to begin was given. Woke him up and popped him on the boob again. Fed for a little while then passed out. He slept the entire decent and landing. I must say flights defiantly go a lot quicker when you have a baby.

The baggage collection I also feared. But found my mother behind a glass wall that had an open area at the top, so I tossed (not quite) G over. Then proceeded to find our bags.

On Friday my infant clearly defied laws of physics (well some sort of laws by not crying). Ah I love my baby.