The arrival.

On the 11th of May my little man made his appearance via emergency c-section.

Bearn and I checked into the hospital at 8:30pm on the 10th of May for them to start my induction. We ended up waiting in the emergency unit for about an hour heaven knows what for. Then we were taken to our room, yes our’s as Bearn decided to stay the night incase anything happened, I was hooked up to all the machines so we could listen to Graeme’s heart beat and to see if I was already in labour, his heart was fine but pity no labour.

At 12:00mn a nurse walked in with a massive syringe, I mean horse size one, filled with liquid. I sat thinking where are they going to put all of that. But she proceeded to put about 2 drops of it in my mouth. And then she left. I was left a bit disappointed, I had visions of that syringe getting stabbed in my bum.

A little later a nurse brought a jug of water and a sleeping tablet. I opted not to take the pill as I thought I would not have an issue sleeping with Bearn in the next bed. I counted sheep all night. By the time I considered taking the pill It was 5am, so doubted sleeping through labour would be productive.

The nurses monitored for contractions and for his heart beat for about half an hour again. No contractions, so to start them I had about 6 pills popped up, I already started losing count of how often I was violated. Once they were happy that the pills were in place we made our way down to the maternity ward. Where yet another monitoring session was done. At this stage I could feel mild period type pains while lying down.

After about an hour of pacing, bouncing and walking up and the stairs, I was hooked up to the monitors. Only to find no contractions at all. That made me a bit nervous. The doctor came round to check up on me and decided I needed a second dose of the pills. There were done and the monitors were put on again. This time I could feel them a lot more than the first time, that was while I was lying down.

I started pacing again to get these ones going. My mom’s had arrived at the hospital after flying down from Joburg, so I was between her and Bearn. About an hour later a nurse gave me an internal to check how far I was dilated, I was only about 3 cm and his head was not dropping. The nurse said that they may look at breaking my waters. After another hour of pacing and bouncing I was in exactly the same place. But I must just say while I was up I did not feel the contractions only when I had to lie down. The nurse then tried to break my waters this was very uncomfortable  and she did not manage to do anything.

The doctor then came in and checked what was happening. He then broke my waters. It was the strangest feeling having the water rush out, but then I noticed that there sudden tension in the room. The doctor then told me that Graeme had passed a lot of meconium (poo) in the water, he contemplated out loud for me to wait for an hour to see if he comes but he then decided it would be best if Graeme came out right then.

I was booked into the surgery, another lady was even bumped out of the way for me (I felt important for a second, then remembered where I was). It was hard for me to come to terms with the fact I could not have my natural birth. I battled to get my composure. It all happened so quickly from this point. Bearn got his scrubs on.  The spinal block was put in. I was still spilling water every where. The screen was put up. I was cut open. And my boy was pulled out. I was stitched up.

Seeing him alive and well was best moment of my life. And the entire time I had Bearn there comforting and supporting me (could not have asked for more). They showed him to me and then took him to clean and check him (all with in my view). They stuck the naked little man on my chest and wheeled me into recovery. Once I was back in my ward the nurse helped to latch him.

After all this I was told his umbilical cord was over his shoulder, hence why he had not dropped.

I wanted a natural birth with no drugs at all, and ended up with an emergency c-section and lots of drugs. But what counts is my baby is healthy and happy. Oh I already have plans of a VBAC and I am not too cut up over it. hehe