8 Dogs as role models

We recently moved up to my mom’s place in Henley on Klip (Joburg deep dark south). She has 8 dogs and 1 cat. I will be honest and admit that 3 of the dogs are mine.

Graeme has picked up certain traits from the dogs. Some of them include:

  • Drinking water from the ‘pool’. Disclaimer: Its a large splash pool, so he has to stretch his face up to get in it as opposed to drinking face down from a normal pool.
  • He pants.
  • He tries to lick the dogs like they do each other.
  • And when they give him kisses on the lips he attempts to give them kisses back just like they gave him.
  • He tries to eat face down out of the dogs bowls or off his own plate.

In the surrounding area there are a couple cattle farmers and the herds men bring the cows right next to my mother’s property as there is vacant land either side of her. And with cows come ticks. So we find the occasional tick on the dogs. Graeme must have seen us pull one off at some stage. He now pulls little bits of hair off a dog’s back and proudly shows one of us and annonces “EW!”.

The dogs are named as follows:

  • Amy is called “A-A”
  • Ice is “I”
  • Nala is “Nala” or “Naya”
  • Zoe is “Zo-zo”
  • Schatzi is “Shushi”
  • Kiki is “Titi”
  • Sam is “Wa”
  • and poor Mishi does not get called anything. Although he is the oldest and most cantankerous.

Nala is by far his favourite, she is a pavement special, German Shepard X.

The last little dog bit is that my child has turned into a bit of a thug. 2 of the little lap dogs are easy to provoke and Graeme has learnt this very quickly, he pokes and squishes them until they growl at him and he thinks this is the funniest thing ever.

Hug for Zoe.


Nala going in for a kiss.

Giving Nala loves.

Graeme and "Wa" playing beautifully.


Mom’s neighbours 12